Society of Pakistan Travel Agents SPTA, a pioneering and leading national association of tour operators and travel agents in Pakistan was founded in the year 2012 in Lahore. Ever since SPTA has been dedicated to protecting the professional interest of the travel entrepreneurs under the fold of SPTA.

Our main objective is to facilitate the member agents, We hope to activate and open more SPTA chapters and build more networks with global and regional organizations in support of our country’s tourism growth.

We, as a Society, have also been coming up with our fellow associations, airlines’ and concerned institutions in the industry giving ample opportunities for effective coordination for the overall betterment, networking, and profitability. We are also endeavoring to work in tandem with our counterparts abroad, in the region and beyond the region. Our efforts so far have been quite fruitful and we feel we still have a long way to go to achieve our target of seeing the country teeming with travelers in the year 2019, Pakistan Tourism Year.

We have our red-carpet unfolded for our valuable members.


Atiq ur Rehman


Society of Pakistan Travel Agents