Recognition, Representation and Networking

Three separate benefits in one! You can use the SPTA logo to demonstrate you are a serious career travel agent. In addition, we will represent your interests in the industry at large. Between our extraordinary members, supplier and strategic partners, you will have access to, and learn from the most influential leaders in the industry. With our local chapters and other events, Networking with SPTA is not intimidating, It’s Inspiriting.

Devoted Professional Staff

SPTA’s staff is here to serve our members and constantly strive to offer the most unique and effective programs to help you. We have a toll free number for member issues and we are always accessible via email. SPTA’s staff members are industry professionals with years of experience working full time for you and we have an advisory board made up of agent members to help and generate ideas, concepts and direction.

Agent Life Magazine

As a member of SPTA you will receive your exclusive Agent Life magazine. Our members love the articles and features that are written for you, the independent entrepreneurial travel agent, You could even be a cover star as we feature successful members and share their stories.

Annual SPTA Convention

In the fall of each year, SPTA members come together for one of the best combinations of learning and fun in our industry. In some years we include an inaugural cruise but every year is unique and ahh-inspiring!

Master Mind  SPTA’s In-depth Training Program

Not only does SPTA provide Supplier, Host and general business skill webinars and training, but you also have access to the exclusive Master Mind program. Each month a training program is provided to allow you to focus on your business instead of being wrapped up in your business. The sessions can be viewed individually or with a group and are sure to challenge you and make you think differently about your business

Member-Only Web Site & Webinars

If you visit you will see an easy to navigate site and a dynamic calendar of upcoming events. While it is designed to make the process of joining online a snap, the real treasures are on our member-only site. You will find many resources, a varied and large number of recorded webinars accessible 24/7, and lists of suppliers, hosts and affiliate members that provide special offers to SPTA members. SPTA is now also offering complete Web Development packages at a special price to its members. It is a constantly improving and growing benefit where members learn, interact and plan to for success!

Exclusive SPTA Destinations

You never find this anywhere else and you won’t want to lose them. Imagine three days in a city where you will see all of the highlights, experience the cuisine, network with the area’s key contacts, participate in training and become an expert of the destination for an amazing price! You do not need to imagine any longer as SPTA introduced Destinations that do all of that and more.

Your Membership Kit and One Sheet

When you join SPTA, you will receive a membership card and access to our electronic membership kit with helpful tips to maximize your benefits. SPTA s One Sheet is probably the most unique and beneficial tool that you will find to build your business. Our members have described it as a “resume” that you customize for you and your business, can add to your own website, or print out to use at trades shows and to help your customers understand your specialties and expertise. It is easy to use, and will be one of your best business building tools.

Don’t hesitate to take your travel career to the next level and join SPTA now!